4HP Commercial LED Treadmill

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4HP Commercial LED Treadmill


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Technical Parameters:


There are ports for USB, SD card, earphone and HI-Fi loudspeaker.

Hand grip: Designed with heart rate interaction device.

Screen Size – 18.5inch

Driving motor: Low-noise AC motor, 4HP for continuous power and 7HP for maximum power. 8.6A electric current.

Runway parameter: Running area 1600*580mm,

Total length 3647mm, width 585mm, thickness 3.2-3.8mm.

Maintenance-free running belt.

Input voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz(4-100Hz)

Motor rated power: 4.0HP Motor maximum power: 7.0HP

Operating ambient temperature: 0-40℃ Speed range: 1.0-20.0


Time range: 0:00-99.59(min:sec) Distance range:0.00-99.59


Heat Display Range:0-999(kcal) Gradient: (0-20)%

Heart rate range:50-256 (Times/min) Overload protector standard: 13A Power cable standard: 16A AC250V Package Size: 2290*970*440 mm 1250*1000*510 mm

Covering Area: 2355*960*1680 mm

User Weight – 250kg

Machine Weight – 310 kg


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