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    • High quality fitness equipment
    • With innovative folding technology
    • Can be converted from a depth of 125cm to only 55cm in less than 30 seconds
    • Increased stability due to robust supporting legs
    • Main frame is made of steel tube with dimensions 70 mm x 50 mm
    • Surface is treated with corrosion resistant powder paint
    • Machine guarantees quick, easy and safe handling
    • Nylon surface of all locking screws
    • Six chrome-plated washer-storage pins 50mm included
    • Machine dimensions: (W) 195cm x (D) 235cm (55cm when folded) x (H) 221cm
    • Twin 100kg (220lb) precision cut steel weight stacks
    • Pull-up bar with multiple handles
    • Item weight: approx. 420kg


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Functional Trainer with both Function and style
The development of this All-In-One Functional Trainer has propelled it to an unparalleled level. Each incremental improvement and enhancement over time has been carefully crafted with a keen eye on the constantly evolving fitness industry.

The Fold
In an era where space is often a limited resource, the UX1 provides an innovative solution without sacrificing quality. This marks a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of functional trainers of this scale and grandeur.
Crafted with spatial efficiency in mind, this apparatus can swiftly transition from a 125cm (50”) depth to a compact 55cm (22”) in under 30 seconds. Experience the convenience of space-saving technology without compromising on quality and functionality.

The space
In situations where space is at a premium, the UX1 stands out as a top performer. This Functional Trainer is designed to comfortably fit into most standard rooms and provides added flexibility by reducing its footprint in half when not in use.

The smith
The UX1 employs high-quality 25mm self-aligning linear bearings to achieve the smooth and secure movements required for a smith machine.

The smith machine bar boasts an ample 30mm diameter, enhancing both its strength and ergonomics. With 13 laser-cut steel racking points, loading weights and adjusting exercise heights become effortless.
For added user safety, the machine features safety stoppers that can be positioned at various heights. The Live Smith Machine bar has been meticulously designed to mimic the feel of a free barbell. Its slight movement aids the body in adhering to a more natural range of motion during squat exercises, while also encouraging core engagement.

The pulleys
The UX1 incorporates dual heavy-duty swivel pulleys on the front power rack, making them a crucial part of this machine. These pulleys serve as anchor points for the various attachments included with the UX1, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises with the cable system.
Moreover, the pulley system offers an impressive 17 different height adjustments, giving you versatility and customization options for your workouts.

The stacks
Twin 100kg (220lb) precision cut steel weight stacks allow users to increase strength over time with 22 weight increments.
The conveniently accessible pin-select weight stacks on this machine make it effortless to switch between weights for quick changes during supersets, accommodating multiple users, and more.

The smooth movement along the rear guide rods ensures uninterrupted exercises, providing the assurance of consistent weight resistance throughout each repetition.
For those seeking additional resistance, there's also the option to upgrade the weight stack to a maximum of 160kg (350lbs).

The jammers
Introducing an inventive and exhilarating method to infuse variety into your workouts: the jammer arms that securely attach to the front power rack. These robust and thoughtfully engineered attachments enable you to incorporate explosive movements into your fitness routine. They can make use of the twin weight stacks, Olympic weight plates, or both, giving you the flexibility to perform a diverse array of exercises with these formidable arms.

The rack
The UX1 power rack provides a total of 16 height settings for the heavy-duty 'J' Hooks and spotter arms. This extensive range of height adjustments ensures that individuals of all fitness levels can exercise with confidence and safety.
In addition, the front rack accommodates the enhanced Jammer Arms and sturdy dipping handles, further enhancing the versatility and functionality of this fitness equipment.

The attachments
Lat bar
Spotter arms
Jammer foot plate
Jammer arms
“J” hooks
Snap lock collars
Leg press plate
Leg anchor
Core trainer
Spring lock collars
Short bar
Dipping handles
Row handle
Chain lengths
“D” Handles
Tricep Rope
    Not Available


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